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4 Reasons to conduct online assessment

4 reasons to conduct an online assessment

What is online assessment?

The online assessment is also known as an e-assessment/digital assessment where information technology is used to evaluate an individual’s or a large number of people skills, knowledge, attributes, behavior, and competency.It composed of different types of questions and answers. The test is conducted online using web technology.Its main objective is to gauge the individual or group of people based on test-takers requirements.

There are various types of online assessments. The online assessment is used quite extensively in different working areas like Education, Government, Corporate Companies. The education sector has taken up an online assessment to save time and money. These online tests have comprehensive benefits over the traditional test system for educational institutes as well as candidates. It provides a quick and flawless result to both.

Education assessment is a systematic process to understand learner’s skills, knowledge, and intellectual level using pragmatic data. With the help of an assessment, the Instructor can assist learners to achieve the goal.

Reasons to conduct online assessment

There are multiple reasons to conduct online assessments. It is an affordable,convenient, and secure way to conduct examination. It is useful for the candidate to understand their competency level with

  1. Ease of Access
  2. Real-time flawless result
  3. Secure and Convenient:
  4. Economical

Ease of Access

Online Assessment can be accessed easily anywhere and anytime. It can be used by anyone without having technical expertise. Administrators can create, publish, and reset the test at any time. It allows one to give a single or group of people tests simultaneously that helps to save time and money. The online assessment is a tool to learn about the candidate’s skills, behavior, and intellectual level comprehensively. It is compatible with all browsers and devices.

Real-Time Flawless Result

Checking papers and analyzing every question in the traditional examination is very hectic and time-consuming. Unintentional human error can occur in the traditional examination system. It doesn’t give precise results. With the online assessment, you can get clear and precise results with the help of an online analytical report with evaluation. An online exam gives a perfect picture of progress to candidates for further better future performance.

Secure and Convenient

Candidates like to take exams on their comfort level. In the traditional exam system, there is a scope of question paper to leak as every candidate gets randomly selected set of questions as per the arrangement of question paper by the paper setter. In an online assessment system, a candidate can choose their comfort and convenience to give examination remotely. The online assessment process is end to end encrypted. It is a secured system.


The traditional exam system is comprised of human, logistic, and infrastructure costs. It is easy to distinguish the online exam as the most affordable one. There is no need to assemble a large number of students together in a hall, spacious classroom to take the test. The online exam doesn’t require to pay rent, hire invigilators, and paper cost for conducting the exam. It is a one-time cost process. Once you pay, no need to invest more, It is affordable and convenient for schools and colleges to conduct exams quickly.


Online examination is undoubtedly turning a well-known medium for assessing the competency and aptitude of the candidates. With the help of technology and innovation, each one of us has experienced online assessment somewhere in a positive manner. Online examination has great flexibility, scalability for examination takers, and candidates. It improves the candidate’s efficiency with the help of online analytical evaluation. To know more about online assessment, stay tuned to Ojas eLearning.