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4 must feature to consider an online examination platform

online examination platform features

The emergence of an online examination platform for entrance exams, semester exams and hiring has helped to know the knowledge and competency of candidates. With an online examination platform, the administration can access the test taker easily, regardless of time and place.

Interestingly, candidate evaluation software includes quick test creation, result analysis, tailor-made tests to assess diverse students irrespective of admission management, administering examinations, or evaluating individual performance.

  1. Data Security

    The examination platform should assure data safety. There is much at stake while monitoring the applicant's activity during an online examination, which includes candidate’s data, question sets, candidates report and many more.

    Hence schools must have their data stored in the cloud. The data should be end to end encrypted to minimize the chances of misusing. Data encryptions enable access to authorized users only. Data security creates a secure environment for examinations.

  2. Customizable

    The online examination platform should be flexible to create and access the test based on the user's requirement. It should allow users to either pick a custom-built test from its library or helps them to create tests by either uploading bulk new standardized questions or to update existing questions.

    The platform should be scalable and robust. It should be responsive and adaptive across all devices and browsers. An effective examination system is well equipped to conduct systematic and fair exams.

  3. Online Proctoring

    Reliability and security are two important features of an online examination platform to evaluate candidates. Conducting an examination in a highly cheating-proof is a must for evaluators. The platform should have anti-cheating mechanism to avoid malpractices during the exam.

    The online remote proctoring mechanism enables a cheating proof environment through real-time monitoring, secure browsing, authenticity check. It is reasonably easy to prevent candidates from cheating.

  4. Analytical Report

    An in-depth analysis of an individual's performance is possible with comprehensive analytical reports, which are generated by the examination platform. It makes software worth-considering for its offering based on the client’s needs.

    The custom report should provide a detailed analysis based on an individual’s performance based on subject or skills. It is helpful for parents, students and administration for future study strategy.


Before considering any online examination platform, check the above features should be there to make a hassle-free evaluation of your candidates. For any kind of help to choose an online examination platform, Feel free to reach out us on